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Hope springs eternal

One of the most exciting days in any fantasy sport is opening day. Expectations are high, everyone has a fresh clean slate and you are in first place! Those realities can and do change very quickly as the season begins to unfold. There are many ways to slice up what to do as the season rolls out:

1) Do a ton of research from all the experts on who is going to score what because of what line they are on, mins of ice time expected, coaching preferences, schedule, etc…

2) Watch all the trends of who is picking up who from the plethora of fantasy sites…

3) Base your decisions of what happened in the preseason…

4) Wait and see…

All of these options have their merits and I have used most of them. They all have their plusses and minuses, but the GM’s that do the best use a blend of all of them. Research is always a critical part, but research and stats blend into projects and they are not always right. Scoring streaks are called streaks for a reason; take for instance Magnus Paajarvi from a couple of seasons ago. He scored multiple hat tricks over a couple of games and suddenly every was dropping players left and right to get him, what happened?...crickets….he has averages 9.7 goals per season since then! Beware the flash in the pan as they are usually just that. What out for the hot streak, because often times by the time you get them on your team and in the active lineup the streak is gone. Pre-season is another one of the many mirages to get fooled by as often times the lineups are very different in preseason and those can combos can make or break a players point totals. Wait and see can get you in trouble as well because by the time you decide to cut bait on a player to get another they can be gone.

All I am saying is that a balance of all these concepts is the recipe for victory at the end of the season. Be risky with a couple of players, pick a sleeper or two, grab a young hot shot with no history, but above all else surround these guys with solid consistent performance players that play lots of games and are not part of the Band-Aid boy club.

Have fun and enjoy the season, win lose or draw!

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