Lottery for the Brahmas team on Wednesday July 23

Due to the well built roster of the Storm team and the fact that they are now available, current GM's will have the opportunity to win the rights to take over this team. Should you win the lottery, your current team would then made available to the general public on Thursday the 24th. The lottery is done in the same fashion as our draft lottery using the bonus number for the Canadian 649 lottery drawing held on Wednesday. Closest number without going over wins and there can be no duplicate picks, so pick early...

Team Lottery # Choice
RC Wraiths
Pittsburgh Phantoms
Winnipeg Freeze


Congrats to the 2013-14 winners!

Regular Season Champion - Edmonton Oilers - 1978 points

Playoff Champion - Harrisburg Warriors who defeated the Edmonton Oilers 10-6

Enjoy the summer and remember the July 1st deadline to secure your yearm for next season!

Questions before the season starts?...drop me an email


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