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Its the Moosejaw Oilers over the Tri City Gambits for the SSFHL Cup!


The Moosejaw Oilers ran away with the final round of the playoffs as the Gambits had no players left after the previous round. The Oilers find themselves $50 richer without breaking a sweat...nice work!

The Halifax Oceanics were steady performers down the home stretch and finished the season with a 1840 points, narrowly beating the Pittsburgh Phantoms. For their efforts they will take home $100 for and are looking for more winning in the playoffs.

This really was a three way race and it was nip and tuck down to the wire with only 7 points separating the top three positions. The final points for the second place Phantoms were 1834 and one point back for Third the Harrisburg Warriors (1833)

The next closest teams we 100 points back, so clearly a significantly strong performance by the top three. Congrats to all who participated this season!

Hope you all are ready for some playoff hockey! Round one starts Wednesday so you have an extra two days to submit your rosters. I will be auto benching the nhl players as well as the fantasy teams that did not make the playoffs which were the Toronto Hammer, San Antonio Rampage, Lone Star Brahmas and the Dayton Bombers.

Never too late to look ahead to next season as we now know the draft order for the 2016-17 season. The top three will be...

#1 - Dayton Bombers

#2 - San Antonio Rampage

#3 - RC Wraiths

Best of luck with your playoff games this week!



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