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Montreal Maroons leading the way through week 6!

As we start to settle into a groove things start to shake out not only with players who were highly touted for the season, but the surprises as well. As most of them are quick flashes that make it look like they will score 50 goals this season, it is rarely the case. The Maroons have a good blend of solid players with some big names leading the way. David Pastrnak with 78 points, Leon Draitsal with 72 and Tom Wilson with 50 round out their top three. Nipping at their heels are the Seattle Blast, which done have as flashy of a team but are putting up solid points across their lineup. They are led by Alex Pietrangelo 49, points, Shea Weber 47 points, Brock Boeser 45 points, Elias Petterson 42 get the drift.

There is some distance between top and the bottom of the l4eague but not insurmountable for those who have had a rough start. The general rule of thumb is if you are with in 100 points of the leader, midway through the season you still have a chance, assuming your team is coming on and they are cooling or having injury issues. Speaking of that the Marner injury is a huge blow for the Misfits. Fortunately for them they have Connor McDavid, so they should not be hurt too badly unless the injury goes substantially longer than they anticipate.

Best of luck to all this week.




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