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Cobras down the Ravens to win the SSFHL Cup!

The playoffs were a hard fought battle this season with the Cobras having a little bit better mix of the Capitals and Knights rosters to edge the Ravens 33 to 26. The Cobras were lead by leading playoff scorer Evgeni Kuznetov and followed up by the brilliant goal-tending of Braden Holtby when it counted. The Ravens had the massive point scoring of Alex Ovechkin was not quite enough to push them to the finish. The Ravens have got to be happy with the run they have had with Ovie as he has helped them to 4 consecutive regular season championships and goes back into the free agent pool for the 2018-19 season. I can only imagine that the Ontario Lions will be picking Ovechkin with thier first round pick in next seasons draft.

For their playoff efforts the Cobras the take home the playoff prize of $75.

An email will be out later this weekend outlining the distribution of prizes, commitment process for next season as well as deadline for submission of keepers for next season. Thank you all for your participation this season, it was another great and very competitive year. Enjoy the summer!


Regular Season -

The breakdown for the regular season cash winners is below. For teams that are competing in the playoffs, your rosters will be due Tuesday afternoon. We will typically go through and "auto bench" the players who's teams are not competing in the playoffs to make setting your weekly roster easier. Unless you have a full complement of players continuing on, which if you do is awesome, but seldom happens.


Thank you to all who participated this season, unfortunately some of those will not be continuing on in the playoffs. We hope to have you join us again next season!

Watch for further updates regarding the players tomorrow and Wednesday.

Kalamazoo Ravens – 2181 - $132
KC Bruins – 2017 - $94
IMO Al Arbour – 1979 - $75
Brandon Bisons – 1960 - $23
Arizona Cobras – 1900 - $19
Edmonton Grim Reapers – 1894 - $15
Idaho Steelheads – 1847 - $12
DDO Dynamo – 1837 - $12
Barrie Colts – 1810 - $12
Harrisburg Warriors – 1806 - $12

Our hearts go out to the players, family and friends of the Humboldt Broncos following the horrific bus crash this last weekend. What a tremendous loss of life.

Best of luck in your games this week and your quest for the SSFHL Cup!



A Word from the Commish

As there are openings if you know anyone, send them my way. Looking at the computer rosters there may be strong competition from the un-managed teams again this season. Of course the hope is that they will get snatched up in the coming weeks.

If you notice anything not working on the site or not looking update for this season please let me know. There are some 1200 pages and I have been known to miss things on occasions.

As always, we are looking for ways to make the site more user friendly for you, so if there is something you would like to see, don't hesitate to and let us know!"





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